My Comforter

Here’s an old picture of Joel, ain’t he cute! A little background on this picture:

Joel was definitely not my comforter when this picture was taken. I was in high school at the time and my sister and friend decided to go to Celebration in the Oaks which is a Christmas event in New Orleans’ City Park. Joel loves going, especially the musical part. When we reached the musical part, Joel loved it so much that he refused to leave. He got so mad that I was telling him it was time to move on. We had already spent too long there but he was having so much fun dancing. It was getting late and Joel wouldn’t stop dancing so I went up to him, grabbed his hand and said let’s go. At that moment my life flashed before my eyes. (kidding, I’m exaggerating but still!) He had hit me, pushed me down and scratched my neck really hard. He immediately felt horrible and began to cry saying sorry over and over again. At least he agreed to leave after that.

Joel has always been my comforter. Despite what I have said in previous posts and above ^^, at home Joel is usually pretty loving and affectionate most of the time. He’s always going in for hugs and kisses and as he’s grown older his hugs have gotten more intense and sweeps us off our feet.

Some of the sweet ways he comforted me was through the years:3D968E3A-BA93-4CAA-8A0B-2C8E83E81FE7

  1.  Random foot massages. This instance I was doing homework.
  2.  Joel always stands up for me when I argue with our parents. I know I probably shouldn’t encourage this but he’s too cute and I love that he chooses my side! He tells my parents to shut up when they raise their voice at me and holds my hand when this happens.
  3.  He gets very concerned when I cry. When he notices that I am crying, he slowly walks close to me and stares at me a bit, then asks “Why?” or “What happened?” Then he’ll wipe my tears and try to make me laugh or distract me by bringing out UNO.

Joel is my comforter and I love him for that and many other reasons!



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