Joel posing so proudly after his first season with Miracle League Basketball with his best bro 🙂

This is something about that I mentioned in my other post: Comparing. When going to all these event Joel is involved with now I noticed the cliques for parents.

In our case, I’m usually the one to take joel to his events. Sometimes my mom and sister tag a long but for the most part, it’s usually just me. So, maybe the reason I don’t fit in any of these cliques is because I am not a parent. Regardless the cliques exist and bother me. I’ll use Joel’s baseball games with the Miracle League as an example. I chose this one because for some reason, the cliques are so much more predominant during these games. I really don’t know why but they are.

The cliques are divided by race and class. Sadly…


All of the parents of players who are in private school all sit together and talk to only each other. I clearly remember only one instance when one of these parents talked to me. All this person asked me was what grade is Joel in. When I answered she said, “Oh, I haven’t seen him. He goes to blank (I won’t say the name of the school) right.” I answered no and said he goes to public school. That was the last time I ever spoke to one of them beside the occasional hello.


Not to sound racist or ugly, but all the parents of the players that go to private school happen to all be white. So on one side, it is all white “richer” people. Then there’s the white parents of players that don’t go to private school on another side. So even the white families are divided. And then there’s the families of color who do not fit into any of these categories are dispersed among the bleachers by their lonesome. To be far, there a lot less colored families but for some reason, no one in these categories mix with each other. There the occasional side conversation between everyone but it always goes back to the cliques.

It shouldn’t bother me, I mean I am not there for them, I am there for my brother. This is just an observation I’ve made and hopefully it’ll change.


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  1. Sadly those same cliques occur in the nondisabled world too. I remember when Megan played cabbage ball at our local church. Every girl on the team either went to one of the two neighborhood Catholic schools or a private school – well every girl, except Megan. Every single mom assumed she went to one of the two other schools their daughter didn’t attend. They were all friendly – until they learned the ugly truth. A public school girl has gone and infiltrated their little clique of the private, elitist group. From that game forward I felt like we were shunned. Gave me that warm fuzzy feeling that made me never want to do that again. But back to your article. I know those parents. The school. Their desire to “protect’ their babies from the big, bad world of real life. Joel will have a far richer life because his family truly understands the real world. I’m on #TeamJoel!

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