For today’s post, I decided to share a story of two of the most incredible people I know., Matthew and Joseph! This picture was taken over the summer when they presented a training on self-advocacy with me. Here’s the video if you’re curious: Guichard Twins Self-Advocacy Video

Below is a Facebook post from their wonderful momma! I hope this story touches your heart as much as it touched mine.

“Joseph and Matthew participated in the Louisiana Special Olympics Winter Games March 7-9, 2014 which were held in Baton Rouge. When the Games concluded and we were checking out of our hotel, the boys started with the “I’m hungry” talk. They chose to eat at The Golden Corral in Baton Rouge. We were seated, Joseph beside me, and Matthew across from me.

While we were eating, Matthew quietly wiped his mouth, stood up, and walked past me, away from the food bars. I turned to see where he was going. What I saw scared and stunned me. He was behind a lady, his arms wrapped around her waist, giving her the Heimlich Maneuver. I immediately jumped up and saw the lady spit up liquid and a piece of meat. She said, “I can breathe!”

The whole side of the restaurant started clapping, so Joseph and Matthew were jumping around, fist bumping and hugging the people in the area. The lady, the others at her table, and I were all crying. We asked him how he knew how to do the Heimlich Maneuver. Matthew said he learned it on You Tube.

We finished eating and came home, talking about Matthew saving that lady’s life, that he was a hero.

It occurred to me this morning that I hadn’t even thought of Joseph, or what he could have been doing while all this was happening. I asked him while they were eating breakfast. Joseph told me, “I was praying.”

Joseph is a hero, too.

…Down Syndrome is not some ominous diagnosis to be avoided or eliminated. People with Down Syndrome are wonderful, wise, brave, and loving, and they contribute greatly to this world. With a restaurant filled with people, it took a young man with Down Syndrome to stepin and perform the Heimlich Maneuver on a stranger most likely preventing her demise, while his brother looked on and prayed. I am thankful that we were there at that moment, doing what people with and without Down Syndrome do, helping one another. And I just have to add, I am so blessed to be their Mom!”

These boys are truly the best! I’m so privileged to know them.



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