Down Syndrome and Other Developmental Disabilities Resources

Below is a list of resources I use personally and professionally. Most are useful for all disabilities. Hope you find this helpful.


Louisiana Down Syndrome Organizations:

Louisiana Camps:

National Down Syndrome Resources

National Down Syndrome Groups:

Need help explaining Down Syndrome:

To find a Down Syndrome Support Group in your state or Country use this link:

DS Support Group Locator

All Disabilities

List OCDD in all states:

National Directory State Agencies

Find the Parent Center(s) for your state here:

Parent Center Locator

To make your child’s wish come true fill out an application here:

The Sunshine Foundation


Summer Camps:  I tried to add the ones that have locations in more than one state. I know there should be multiple in each state and if you want more information for your state specifically, I can help you look or you can contact your state’s parent center which is linked above.



Apply for or get more information on SSI for your child here:

SSI – Social Security Income

Safety with Emergency Responders:


Able Accounts: Find Specific information for your state here:


For more specific information in your state on guardianship, I think it’ll be best for you to contact your state’s Parent Center which is linked above. I’ll share our story on this later on.





Civil Rights:



Websites I always use:

Additional Links

Eventually I’ll dedicate whole posts on specific topics listed here.  I literally use this information/resources/links all the time for my job and they are super useful. Feel free to ask any questions.



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