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Our boy has struggled with hyperthyroidism and pre-diabetes. This means that he really needs to watch what he eats. But he doesn’t understand that. This has led to many fights with him (sometimes he gets physical) because in his eyes, us denying him food is just mean. It is so hard to make him eat healthy or to make him stop eating.

We haven’t been successful with the eating part but we have been sort of successful in getting him active. I mentioned in previous blogs, Joel now rides a bike. We tried taking him regularly to the park to ride his bike but he can’t really do cold weather. He has been sick for the past 3 weeks. Around this time every year he gets a really bad cough due to his asthma. Periodically the cough will get worse and cause him to throw up and what not.

But back to my point. Joel has gotten busy with sports. If you follow us on Instagram, you’ll see his weekly sports and stuff he’s involved in. This has been quite a semester, he had Special Olympics Basketball, Swimming, and Football, then he also had Miracle League Baseball and Crossfit. We tried to keep him busy and now things have slowed down. Which is good for me cus I needed a break. At one point he something going on everyday. Seems like more than it actually was because some weren’t weekly and some lasted a short time.



Since being active, Joel is no longer pre-diabetic. WOOHOO! But he still isn’t where he should be but we’re working on it. Unfortunately, this booger does not listen to us will not work out with us. For some reason, he will only listen to strangers or basically anyone that doesn’t live with him.

Well that’s all.


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