Wisdom Tooth

Joel had a wisdom tooth removed today and he was a mess all morning. He is usually so well behaved and cooperative with doctors. He actually loves going to the doctor, when he gets a minor cut or the slightest ache of any kind he will over react and ask for the doctor. Every time we drive by a hospital he points to and says, “Doctor!” and pretend like something hurts.

Today was a little different. He was nervous from the start and barely interacted with anyone. He was quiet the whole ride to the orthodontist and only asked once where we were going.  His eyes were wide as he just stared out the window the whole time. Although, he was acting cool in the waiting room, by “reading” through magazines and sniffing cologne samples. When they called his name he quickly got up and held his head up so high he couldn’t even see where he was going.

Once they sat him down in the chair, he immediately looked petrified. He stared blindly at the wall and would not move a muscle while the assistant was getting him connected to the machines and what not. A couple of times she had to physically lift his back or arm because he just wasn’t budging. My mom and I tried to smile at him and interact with him but this was met with very aggressive grunts and balled fists. On of the nurses who saw him a while back came int o try and cheer him up by mentioning the Saints and Drew Brees but Joel avoided eye contact at all costs and didn’t even make a sound. Props to her for trying though!

Once the doctor came in he began to search for his veins. This took a while.  So a little back story with this:

Joel was supposed to get his wisdom tooth removed in October but that didn’t happen. At the time he was seen by a different doctor at the same practice. I was unable to go his initial appointment back then but that doctor told my parent Joel need to get the procedure done at Children’s hospital but before he could schedule anything, he needed to get clearance from his cardiologist. Days went by and we heard nothing, and I assumed that they would call us. I can’t remember exactly why I was waiting for a call from the cardiologist but I remember they were supposed to call me the following Monday. I waited Monday and I expressed my aggravation with my dad right before I was about to call and he said, “wait, cardiologist? for Joel?” Turns out, they called him right away after they spoke to me to give us the clearance and he completely forgot to tell me. I always tell the doctors’ offices we go to for Joel to call me first because something like this happens, or they misinterpret something. Most places claim they have translating services but a lot of times they do not. So anyway, I call the orthodontist office and I have the clearance faxed over and they said they’d have the doctor look it over and then they’ll call us back to schedule the procedure. Before I knew it like two weeks had past by and we had heard nothing. Granted, I should’ve been on top of it but work was very busy during the last months of 2017 and the holidays were here and Joel had a full schedule of extra curricular activities.  I know, excuses, excuses… Well by the time I called the orthodontist office, it was I wanna say the first week of December. AND! It turns out the doctor who first saw him had left the practice and was left all the patients in limbo. I was able to schedule another appointment with a different doctor for early January but they basically had to start over. This time I was able to go with my mom and Joel for the “first” appointment. everyone was super nice and apologetic. The nurse and Joel instantly hit it off and Joel was bragging about meeting Drew Brees and showing pictures. Complete opposite from this today. They schedule his wisdom tooth removal quickly by squeezing him in early in the morning for two week later and said they were going tot he procedure at their practice. I asked if they longer wanted to go to Children’s. This doctor immediately protested and asked if the other doctor told us that. He said that the only reason they go there is for children medical complications. Down Syndrome itself, is not a medical complication. (PREACH!) he asked if there was any reason why we thought they should go to Children’s. I mentioned that Joel is notorious for hiding his veins. It usually takes a long time and sometimes multiple tries. But we were okay staying at the practice if they could handle the veins. They did a test run and the nurses couldn’t find it but the doctor ended up finding it after a few minutes. We agreed that the doctor would handle his I.V although he did say it would be harder to find his vein on the day off because he would have to do it on a fast. But we trusted him so that’s that.

So anyways, without exaggerating, it took about 10 minutes for the doctor to find his vein for the I.V. At this point Joel was starting to get very trembly. He knew what was coming, that part was familiar to him. The assistant was so great with him. she held his hand and rubbed his shouldered to comfort him. But when the doctor sprayed that cold numbing thing, Joel started to loose it and started shaking really hard and crying.  I immediately thought that the doctor wouldn’t be able to insert the I.V since he was moving so much, but he did it so quickly and successfully. They all comforted Joel and told him how great he was doing. At this point we had to go to the waiting room while they did the actual procedure.

They were done in about 15 minutes and called us in once he had woken up. He looked so sad and confused when we got there. He was very quiet and a little out of it as expected. We stopped at Walgreens to pick up his meds and he wanted to go too. ( He thinks he’s sneaky but we knew why.) He picked out a toy to take home and his mood changed immediately. When we gt back into the car he asking for McDonald’s and pizza. We had to break it to him that he won’t be able to eat that for a week but he seemed cool about it. He usually gets so mad when he is denied food.

We got home, fed him some soup, gave him his meds, put on his favorite movie (Nacho Libre) and he played with his new toy.  He seems to be a happy camper for now.


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