Joel and Jesus

This will obviously be a more religious post. and For reference when you are reading we are nondenominational Christians who lean more on the on the Pentecostal side sort of.

Does Joel know who Jesus is?

This question always gets me thinking. I honestly don’t know if he knows. I’ve asked him a million times and sometimes he says yeah and other times he doesn’t answer. I know he enjoys worship at church, although there are times when he just sits and fidgets with anything. There have been times where we’ve found him dancing alone in the bathroom to worship music but then again he also does the same to any pop song he likes. So the question is he worshipping or does he just like to dance to music? Probably both… Idk

Can Joel participate in la Santa Cena?

Okay, I don’t know what Santa Cena is in English. Eucharist? Last Supper? Communion? I looked it up but I got confused. Idk but ya the thing you do at church when you when you eat the bread and drink wine. Well, my dad always gets Joel his share of the goods (bread and wine) but one time, one of our pastors (we’ll call Papa Bear) gave us a whole list of people who shouldn’t take it. He said children and people who have not been born again/ baptized  and people who are not aware of what they are doing. Well, Joel hasn’t been baptized so my dad felt like he shouldn’t give him some. Joel noticed and got mad that he didn’t get to participate My mom and I talked to Papa bear’s wife and she disagreed with her husband and said Joel is a special case and he should get to participate but that he should get baptized soon if he understands what he is doing. She said since I know him best I should talk to him about Jesus and see if he understands baptism.

Well, that’s a lot of pressure! I don’t know if I will be able to do that. I feel like a lot of time he just nods or smiles at me when he doesn’t know what I’m saying.

On the contrary, our main pastor was much more chill and never has been opposed to having Joel participate. But this is something I do want to clear up with them eventually. Becuase otherwise it feels like we are treating Joel as a perpetual child and I don’t like that. We just can’t tell what he knows and what he understands. I know he gets a lot of stuff but when it comes to this I can’t tell at all.

My dad still lets Joel participate but I think we should be trying to get Joel baptized at some point. I might be overthinking all of this. Actually yes I am. Papa Bear really got me questioning everything.

Joel had an encounter?

My dad and I are pretty sure Joel had an encounter with Jesus a few weeks ago. Although some people do not think so.

So…. we were at a special worship/prayer meeting on a Friday with our sister church. Joel was standing and drumming along to songs with his hands on the seat as he usually does. Out of nowhere, he started crying. He was crying like he hasn’t cried in a while. There were legit tears streaming down and he was sniffling. This went on for almost the rest of the service. There was no explanation for it, it just happened out of nowhere. Everyone asked us what happened and why he was so sad. Did he get hurt? Did someone tell him something? Nope! nothing visible happened. Joel couldn’t tell me why he was crying but I choose to believe it was Jesus.

so I guess this is the confirmation I was looking for?

I choose to believe that God loves Joel anyhow and it might not matter whether he’s baptized or not.

I recently got some books on teaching people with intellectual disabilities about Jesus and what not so hopefully I’ll learn something. I know some churches have special programs I just don’t know any churches from my religion does this. We have taken Joel to special services at an Episcopalian church because they do a very cool summer camp. I have thought about starting a group for Joel and people like him but it’s a lot of work and I don’t feel ready. Maybe one day…

Does anyone have suggestions?





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