He’s a Wonder

He’s a wonder. ❤️

If you don’t know him personally, let me give you some insight. Joel is considered non-verbal. This causes a lot of frustration with him. There have been times that he’s gotten violent.

Not all days are good days.

He is the source of most of my happiness and love but he also has the power to break my heart at times. He’s physically hurt me before but he’s worth all the struggles.

I love my boy. He’s a wonder.

He can spend all afternoon in his room talking to the wall and get so mad if someone interrupts. I want to know what he’s saying, what he’s sharing, what he’s thinking. I know he has a lot to say but I’ll never know.

There are times where he randomly grabs my hand and smiles so sweetly.

Not all days are bad.

There are days where he doesn’t want me around but there are days where he’s too clingy waiting for me outside the bathroom door while yelling my name constantly.

Or when I’ve left the house without him and he’ll start FaceTiming me nonstop to the point where I can’t use my phone.

He makes my life a wonderfully fun (at times stressful) journey. Forever thanking God he made me your sister.

I love my boy. He’s a wonder.


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