I don’t know if y’all have seen that story of the family that is suing because their child was born with down syndrome. How disgusting… It’s really so hard for me to imagine people being so hateful and just plain disgusting. Here’s the story:
When I was looking more into this story, I found another one. How crazy… There’s more than one couple that feels this way? There really are people that disgusting and vile. I seriously just don’t understand. So apparently another couple in 2012 filed a “wrongful birth” lawsuit because their daughter was born with down syndrome.

The couple stated in the lawsuit that they would have aborted their daughter if they would have known she would be born with Down’s syndrome. They claim that they love their daughter and treat her the same as their other children.. but would have aborted her?? They have demanded over $2 million from the hospital where they received care to pay for the “extra medical care” she requires. Really?

They accused the hospital of being ‘negligent in their performance, analysis and reporting’ since they didn’t detect down syndrome in any tests or ultrasounds, scans and whatnot. And… they actually won! Ehhh…. what now??

Their logic is that they deserve compensation for the long term care for their child with down syndrome. But what does that say about other parents of children with down syndrome? Do they all deserve $2.9 million? Or are these particular parents just greedy? Like I know there is help and support out there, like a lot.. but I get that some assistance is based on income but still… sue because the hospital didn’t detect down syndrome?!
THEN!!!! They had to audacity to complain that people were sending them hate mail. Ya asked for it chumps.
I cannot imagine a world without our Joel. I know my parents would have never aborted him if they got a prenatal diagnosis, but what if my parents and all parents who have children with down syndrome thought this way. It would definitely be a sadder and a very boring world. His life is worth every obstacle.
I know I’m not a parent and I don’t know what it is like to have a child with down syndrome when you weren’t expecting it. But I can speak as a sibling. Yes, my parents had their ups and downs but they got through it and they only say great things about having Joel. I watched them be confused and learn along they and I’ve watched them love and accept him. And as his sister, he has been the greatest little brother. Our family wouldn’t change him fro the world. He has worth. And stories like this make it seems like the world is against him and others like him. There is still so much misinformation about down syndrome or not enough information. This is why we advocate and spread awareness, so people don’t react this way when they have a child with downs syndrome or any disability for that matter.
This may be a VERY biased post and I probably shouldn’t judge them because I don’t know their life experience and their personal life but… too bad. Here are my thoughts, bye.

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