21 Facts


To celebrate #downsyndromeawarenessmonth🎉

  1. Down syndrome is a genetic condition caused by an extra copy of the 21st chromosome
  2. It is not hereditary, meaning it is not passed on to child from either parent
  3. It is not an illness or a disease. People with down syndrome aren’t sick or contagious!
  4. Down syndrome is the most common genetic condition. 1 in 700 babies are born with Down syndrome
  5. The abortion rate of babies with Down syndrome is about 80% in the U.S
  6. Down syndrome is not a spectrum. One either has it or not; ability is based on the individual, not the condition
  7. There are 3 types of Down syndrome: trisomy 21, Mosaic, and translocation. Trisomy 21 is the most common.
  8. Not all people with Down syndrome are the same. Everyone who has down syndrome has their own personalities and shouldn’t be characteristics. They aren’t  “always happy” or all “angels”
  9. Having Down syndrome does not mean you will be a perpetual child
  10. People with Down syndrome can have jobs
  11. Many people with Down syndrome have meaningful relationships and can even  get married
  12. People with Down syndrome can get a post-secondary education. Thankfully, there are more and more opportunities opening up
  13. People with Down syndrome have all the same rights as any other citizen (seems obvious.. right???
  14. The life expectancy of people with Down syndrome has increased to 60yrs from 25 in recent decades
  15. Many people with Down syndrome can live on their own (some just need more support than others)
  16. They are aware of the way people perceive them; meaning your stares and words can affect them
  17. Having a sibling with Down syndrome has a positive effect on children
  18. Studies show that including students with Down syndrome in a regular class setting is productive and beneficial to all parties
  19. People with Down syndrome aren’t suffering from a condition
  20. We aren’t searching for a cure!
  21. A Down Syndrome diagnosis isn’t a death sentence to your family or your child.

Happy Down Syndrome Awareness Month!!


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