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Self-Advocacy & Self-Determination

We are constantly told that our loved ones with disabilities need to have self-determination and self-advocacy skills. But what does that really mean? Self-determination and self–advocacy are skills that go hand in hand but at times the line of distinction can get blurry. Both share a similar interest: independence! Self-Advocacy: Self-advocacy is an important skill that... Continue Reading →



If you follow us on social media, then you probably know Joel attended his first regular high school prom and he attended his graduation! Woo-hoo! Prom: Joel is an amazing dancer and loves going to shindings, but we have never let him venture out on his own. He's gone to special needs proms and dances... Continue Reading →

Morgan’s Wonderland

We visited Morgan's Wonderland two weekends ago. In case you don't, Morgan's Wonderland is the only fully inclusive theme park in the world. Sadly, their water park was closed still... huge bummer. I was very impressed with all of the wheelchair accessible swings and rides. But in my opinion, I think they need more rides... Continue Reading →

Death by Cop

Ethan Saylor. He was a 26 year-old who had down syndrome. He died five years ago while in police custody. I know I've written about it before but I wanted to revisit Ethan's case. Ethan loved the movie Zero Dark Thirty. He loved it so much that while his caretaker when to get the car... Continue Reading →

Sheltered Workshops

I'm not sure how familiar everyone is on sheltered workshops. Simply put, sheltered workshops are a supervised workplace for adults with intellectual disabilities, where the are trained and employed separately from everyone else. People who work in sheltered workshops are typically paid well below minimum wage. The disability community seemed to be divided on whether... Continue Reading →

Like They Know What Love Is

I recently had an encounter with Joel's principal that left me a little shocked. My mom and I were waiting in the office for Joel's IEP and the principal saw us and started a conversation. She recognized us and started talking to us about Joel and his girlfriend, we'll call Princess Peach. Princess Peach and... Continue Reading →

Happy World Down Syndrome Day

It's World Down Syndrome DAY!! I hope everyone is celebrating in some way today. I love seeing the pictures of the crazy socks and heartfelt stories. I am so blessed to be part of the down syndrome community. I know I've mentioned a million times how Joel has shaped my life and how proud I... Continue Reading →

Restroom Wars

We've been hearing a lot of debate about who can use which restroom because of the increased awareness of individuals who are transgender. As with many minority groups, they began to advocate for things they found important, one of the most famous being that of their restroom rights. Their advocacy efforts led to policy change... Continue Reading →

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