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I wanna say Joel was 10 years old in the picture. So about 8 years ago. So little. So precious. So long ago. I miss this little booger. So Joel seems to be reverting back to some problem behaviors and also picking some up….


Morgan’s Wonderland

We visited Morgan’s Wonderland two weekends ago. In case you don’t, Morgan’s Wonderland is the only fully inclusive theme park in the world. Sadly, their water park was closed still… huge bummer. I was very impressed with all of the wheelchair accessible swings and…


Family is supposed to be your biggest support system, but I have found that this is only somewhat true. Family is weird at times. Ya know, families fight and stuff but they also love each other. It is very much love/hate I think. My…

Dear Joel

Dear Joel, I love you so much. You came into my life when I was five years old. I remember being so excited that you were born and I would tell everyone that my mom just had a baby.  I didn’t find out that…


I’m not sure when we started noticing Joel’s vitiligo but at first, we thought getting it treated was a good idea. I think it was just easier too when he was younger and the white spots weren’t so spread out. When we first started…

How my “Culture” Accepts Disability

Disability in the Hispanic community from my perspective.

This Week

Joel’s triathlon, soap making, and our first interview.

That Time Joel Got Lost

Giving everyone a heart attack!

Friendships II

When Joel won’t leave me and my friends alone


Things I learned and experienced in Austin.