That Time Joel Got Lost

At this time I was working at Baskin Robbins and Joel loved to go visit me while I worked. He was home with my mom and he asked to go and mom was like sure! But she told him to wait while she changed her shirt. I don’t know what Joel thought she said but he was like, alright I’m out, I gotta get to Baskin Robbins.

So my mom comes out of her room and the door is open… and Joel is GONE! My mom’s worst nightmare (and mine). She checked the backyard first and then she called me to drive around the neighborhood to look for him. (Also, at this time my mom couldn’t drive because she had just eye surgery so she couldn’t drive around on her own.) So I leave work and start driving to my house and I found him quickly. He saw me and got very excited, I pulled over and he got in. He was so happy and cute and sad, “ice cream!”

I tried really hard to be tough with him but he was too darn cute! I laughed and explained that he can’t do that. I take him to Baskin Robbins because by this time my mom is with aunt driving around looking for him. When they get there they are both teary eyed and hug him. They were very silent, eventually they were telling him not to do that. I think he got the point because he has never done it again.

I like that he was like I can’t for my mom, I need ice cream.. it’s so funny. But, no it actually was scary. The Baskin Robbins I worked at is in our neighborhood. but you have to cross a hwy to get there. When I found him, he was a few blocks from the highway. I know he never looks both ways, at least when he’s with me. Not only is that scary, but strangers are scary.

Well, that’s my story.